quoted:. “what they said” UKBC [Semi-Finals]


Across the ocean, baristas throughout the United Kingdom competed in the United Kingdom Barista Competition via the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe in the semi-finals for the ultimate role of UK Barista Champion.

The tropes of discovery, quality, story and passion were all major talking points among this year baristas. Below are some of the quotes that gave room for pause.

“I’ve learned how to be a better barista…spending time perfecting the espresso.”  @imlud @SixEightKafe 

“When you make the customer feel comfortable, you enjoy the experience being greater than the sum of its parts.”   Steve Pearson @coffeedevon

My role as a trainer and a barista is to help them paint their own canvas.” @donaltizo @baxter_storey

“Quality happens on the farm, not here.” @acousticcoffee @hasbeen 

“You have to get excited about what you’re doing.” @1laurakh @SmallBatchCC

“Even if there’s a jump I can make, that’s not safe, I want to do it.” @OmNomNomCoffee of @Colonna_Smalls 

“Espresso made me fall in love with specialty coffee.” @OmNomNomCoffee of @Colonna_Smalls

“Water doesn’t just affect the barista, it affects everyone who comes in contact with it. “@Colonna_Smalls

“We need to set the bar, not raise it.”  @Estelle_Coffee @CaravanKingsX 

“I’ve always been a barista at heart, since I was a little girl. ” @hidingbeetle @prufockcoffee

“This coffee is no accident.”  @JohnGordon09 @squaremile

“I had my first great cup of coffee, just three years ago.”  @williamsmark @relishcornwall 

“I used one coffee, it was good, but it wasn’t right.” @EspressoChris @Unionroasted

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