quoted:. “what they said” Big Western [ Day 2 ]


In the land of La-LA also known as Los Angeles, the Big Western for the 2014 United States Coffee Championship through the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Barista Guild of America  continued for a second day in the industrial Arts District in Downtown.

On Lot 613, in the proximity of ever-sprouting coffee culture, twenty baristas competed for Day Two. The themes of history, farming practices, communicating with customers and providing the ultimate experience from barista to consumer dominated the presentations. Below are some of the quotes gleaned.

“Not every espresso is great for a cappuccino.” @kgbohlin @StFrankCoffee

“The idea of craft and pursuing it, is what really speaks to me about coffee. “ Marla @CremaPDX

“Why [do] people got into coffee, universally because they enjoy the taste.” Christopher @ritualcoffee

 “Ultimately an experience is going to connect you to this coffee in a special way. “@kgbohlin @StFrankCoffee

“People believe what they taste, not what they hear.” @Bethany_ynahteB @thefreshpotcafe

“For every coffee there’s a story, with the coffee and the one making it.”  @sarahposma @AkCoffee

“I treat a new customer like a first date…I look forward to it and enjoying our time together.” @el_rucko @BellanoCoffee

 “Coffee is one agricultural product and present several distinct flavors in a tasty way.” @MissEdenMarie @Intelligentsia

“I don’t choose to provide information, in my cafe, without the prompt.” @elletay3 @LittleOwlCoffee

“There are certain things in the world that can’t be reduce to a dollar – love, coffee.” @rileypaterson1@visionsespresso

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