quoted:. “what they said” Big Western [ Day 1 ]


In the land of La-LA also known as Los Angeles, the Big Western for the 2014 United States Coffee Championship through the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Barista Guild of America is occurring in the industrial Arts District in Downtown.

On Lot 613, in the proximity of ever-sprouting coffee culture, twenty baristas competed for Day One. The story of their coffee and their journey along with it taught its listeners about value, simplicities and experience. Below are some of these quotes.

“[The] Value of coffee can be elevated with details of fine dining and finesse,”  Justin Williams @41fivestar @FrontSF

“Extraordinary coffees don’t just happen.” @maxwellamooney @spottedcowmc

“I don’t want to get in the way of  [coffee], I want it to serve itself to you, as itself.” Liam @cremabakerycafe

“It takes a really great roaster to bring life to a coffee.”  @christoandrews of @neptunecoffee + @kumacoffee

‘I’m not making coffee for myself. I’m making coffee for the patrons of the café,” Jamil @dripp

“Coffee is like applying new ideas to something that has been around for a long time.” David @cafedemitasse

“We are stewards, as such, our job is to make do with the best of our time.” @flalessinhim @copavida

“You not only represent your own skills when making a drink, but everyone’s skills.” Stacy @CafeJavasti

“I want you to experience a story of coffee.” Bronwen @bdserna

“Cappuccinos are great.”  June @GandBCoffee

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