Decoding the streets of New York Fashion Week with Coffee Culture

“Where there is coffee, there is style.”

Ni’Ma Ford


Tracy Reese



Classic. Grace.

Ford and Reese are both known for having a signature to their style sensibility. The former, Ford, was caught coming down 22nd street, a half block from Intelligentsia Chelsea in the High Line Hotel, in her signature – a hat, this one tilted.

It was a beautiful accompaniment to her warm bone palette giving as much life to the streets as the specialty coffee brand does to its treatment of its green beans, famously consumed in its own signature, the Black Cat Espresso.



Band of O.


Gimme Coffee

Raw. Tailored.

Everything says authentic, as being on a downtown street – Broome – in a big city – New York – and still standing out among the fray. This girl-on-street slayed with an exuberant energy that manifested itself in her painted leather goods to her tinted hair.

Such an impressionistic stance dovetails to the nearby Gimme! Coffee whose commitment to quality, innovation and relationship coffee make it no wonder that it’s character is one that is wanted.

Adesuwa P.


Public School


Cafe Grumpy

Indie. Rogue.

A stroll down eighth avenue after Public School, brought the introduction of a warm structured face and the urban style of Adesuwa. Like the designers that shown right before seeing her, nearby Café Grumpy is New York made and raised.

With a distinct point of view in its selection and preparation of coffee it’s a beauty to see such individuality thrive in coffee and in models that walk the everyday runway of the city’s streets.



Alexandre  H.


Think Coffee

There is a lot of fantasy in the details. All dressed in black with a punch of forest green in his gloves, I found Adam of Le21Eme on 14th street near Think Coffee.  Like the show that was to go on right before seeing him – Alexandre Herchocvitch – he oozed everyday function through his style expression as does his images.

The echo of an avant-garde sensibility arose, one similar to Think Coffee, whose brand is as he and Herchocvitch – utilitarian and innovative.

Mari Malek


Jeremy Scott


Blue Bottle Co.

Clean. Opulent.

Richness is more an aura than it is a currency.  The simplicity in which Blue Bottle Coffee is designed with accents that convey an elevated experienced speaks to Mari Malek’s style.

A shingled hat, a fur coat and a long gold and lace dress was too much of a triangulation of cohesive yet differing influences, that displayed how a refined expression could still be married to accents of international funk.   They are Jeremy Scott style incarnate.

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