style:. ‘To Have and to Clutch’



shoot me with a pistol[pete]

Aranka Bandula is on a mission. And, its a simple one. To send lots of love through two worldwide concepts  –  coffee and recycling – by means of one style – pistolpete bags. Pistolpete are bags woven with love and fabrics in the afric and folk motif.  I was gone at afric.

She lovingly sent me a clutch with weavings of green and brown on its exterior and african pattern on the interior accompanied by a leather pocket. How did she know that I would love such a clutch as this? I have no idea but I’m swooning over the reality that it is now an addition to what I can take on my coffee dates.

Shop responsibly, the things we carry, carry a lot of meaning when we do.

Thanks to Aranka!



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