coffeetography.: Sue Jeon, Spreadhouse, LES, NY

made you look

coffeetography_sue_jeon_spreadhouse_cafe_les_chermelle_d_edwards _june_2017

Sue Jeon, Spreadhouse Cafe

It is while one is being, that they become noticeable by another. She, being herself, against this one tall tree was having a cigarette and scroll break. A puff of her cigarette, a scroll up on her phone, a puff, a scroll, up on her phone. It was like choreography. Aren’t we all, choreographing ourselves with the¬†mannerisms that cause another to see us, as us?

This is Sue Jeon. She drinks coffee, “I’m drinking an Americano. This is my boyfriends’ spot; I came here with him.”

Coffee Shop: Spreadhouse
Location: Lower East Side, NY

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