coffeetography.: Sue Jeon, Spreadhouse, LES, NY

made you look

coffeetography_sue_jeon_spreadhouse_cafe_les_chermelle_d_edwards _june_2017

Sue Jeon, Spreadhouse Cafe

It is while one is being, that they become noticeable by another. She, being herself, against this one tall tree was having a cigarette and scroll break. A puff of her cigarette, a scroll up on her phone, a puff, a scroll, up on her phone. It was like choreography. Aren’t we all, choreographing ourselves with the mannerisms that cause another to see us, as us?

This is Sue Jeon. She drinks coffee, “I’m drinking an Americano. This is my boyfriends’ spot; I came here with him.”

Coffee Shop: Spreadhouse
Location: Lower East Side, NY

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