Suno, Gyspy Sport, DKNY, Yeezy Season 2, J.Crew, Ralph Lauren. Day 6 + 7

outside of home

imageThe truth is, outside of home, is where this culture might spent a lot of its time. From walking city streets; discovering inspiration in the wild, decoding culture among distant civilizations, the penchant for discoveries warrants an outfitting that speaks to the seriousness of our taste while not compromising style. For day six and seven of NYFW, these designers showed in their elongated lines, neutral tones and remembrance of the power of black and white monotone,s that dressing for all adventures this coming spring and summer is a possible feat.


Gypsy Sport

Because all we want to do is have fun. from the funk of a hat pinned to the top of our heads to the wind that can billow in our pants, we’re reminded that fashion is as much an open source for the sport of play. As spring gradually invigorates the human spirit, summer arrives and we’re in full gear to welcome it.





Suno, via @watchthelens, instagram

A beauty for a working street photographer.





A classic for grabbing coffee on the go and heading into the office.

Yeezy Season 2


Yeezy Season 2, @margaret_zhang, instagram

Yeezy Season 2, @margaret_zhang, instagram

For a more detailed post on this culture’s feelings about his presentation, jump here.



J.Crew, @margaret_zhang, instagram

J.Crew, @margaret_zhang, instagram

One shall not be put into a box, for the one who take can take multiple shots of colors and prints and give Spring a little run for the season.


The Blonds


The Blongs, @djeduarte, instagram

The Blongs, @djeduarte, instagram

Leave it to a razor sharp bob paired with some evening wear to inspire a night on the cultural town followed by evening dinner and a  night capp, and by capp – a cappuccino is what we mean, dry please. Its summer bring on the froth!

Marc Jacobs

But right when we thought the night be over there was Marc Jacobs at the historic Ziegfeld Theatre with a themed show that was all the pop in the corn. Prints upon prints galore, upon a fully staged show from within the theatre to a recession walk onto a red carpet completed the theme of history and glamour, with embroidery at its cult finest.nyfw_marc_jacobs_ellefr_coffeetographer nyfw_marc_jacobs_ss16_backstagebombshell_coffeetographer


After such a night, what better wake up call than to the everlasting American grace of Ralph Lauren. The power of tailoring has gone all right. We’ll take one of everything and have a seat at Ralphs, because isn’t it the new ideal to be dressed in an iconic designer while at the same time imbibing on what he thinks is as equally fashionable in his coffee shop. Hello Ralphs.


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