The Things They Carry. In Conversation with The Bindle Bros.

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Bindle Bros

Bindle Bros

To be honest, if I was on a street on Bedford near North Sixth in Williamsburg, its probably that I might have been a customer of The Bindle Bros – the two men who are the face of a farce as much as a zeitgeist of all that is local, natural and artisanal in contemporary culture currently.

As I saw their story began to make an appearance in the likes, I wondered, how coffee culture would be impacted by their idea of hobo chic as the New York Times called it and “the names of everyone who actually buys one of these with a straight face should be circulated as a warning to their future employers and romantic partners,” said Jezebel. Could that potentially be this culture?

With a curiosity that couldn’t be quelled without our own chance to engage in  conversation with the two ‘brothers’ aka performers Ben Kronberg and Matt Klinman who play Josiah and Dusty Bindle as created by comedy writer and director Kemp Baldwin our answers have been answered. From comments on the perfect filter, to what could be put to shame, to all the things a bindle can carry, this conversation is now ours to share. Enjoy.

The Coffeetographer: Can coffee go in a bindle? If so, would that likely be a nitro can of coffee or cold brew, hypothetically speaking?

Josiah Bindle: Why are we speaking hypothetically? Coffee certainly can go in and be made in a bindle bag.

Dusty Bindle: Have you never used a bindle to make coffee?!? It’s the perfect filter.

Josiah: It puts a French Press to shame.

The Coffeetographer: What are the Bindle Brothers thoughts on bindles, in relation to coffee culture?

Dusty: We don’t think about that sort of thing. We’re just focused creating small batch adventures.

Josiah: But of course, a cup of Joe can be a good companion on the road.

Dusty: Just not as good of a companion as a locally grown, naturally fallen bindle bag — available at

The Coffeetographer: Since they set up a street shop in the heart of Williamsburg, on the corner of North 6th and Bedford are the demographics of that area, albeit hipsters, designers, coffee enthusiasts more likely to carry their hopes and dreams in them?

Dusty: If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re asking whether hipsters and coffee enthusiasts are more likely to carry bindles? Right?

Josiah: Well, bindles don’t discriminate.

Dusty: Everyone has to carry something, might as well carry it in a bindle.

The Coffeetographer: If you saw bindles being sold ata  coffee shop along with other spirited startup DIY items that are known to come into the space, which coffee shops do you think would make a good fit?

Dusty: Don’t tell anyone, but Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are currently in a bidding war to carry Bindle Bros. bindle bags.

The Coffeetographer: Ha Ha! Is that right?

Josiah: We’re still waiting for Stumptown, Mud or Gimme Coffee to make a play.

The Coffeetographer: Bring on the indies.

Dusty: But don’t misread this, this is not about the money.

The Coffeetographer: Oh, but of course not. I laugh.

Josiah: It’s about making sure coffee drinkers have the best hot cup jackets possible…no matter the price.

Dusty: How better to protect yourself from a hot cup of coffee than to keep it at a bindle sticks length from you?

Josiah: Not some bulls&%! piece of cardboard. That’s for sure.

The Coffeetographer: Lastly, do the Bindle Brothers drink coffee and if so, what’s your default drink?

Josiah: Oh, we drink our own coffee.

The Coffeetographer: I should have known!

Dusty: We’ve been cultivating exquisite beans in the subway stations all summer.

Josiah: It’s the only place in the continental US where you can grow beans thanks to the wonderful heat and humidity.

Could this farce get any better? Not given the amount of laughter this conversation has created. Thanks bros!

Enjoy the full spoof video.

Bindle Bros. Business Company Profile from Josiah Bindle on Vimeo.

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