Coffee and Music: Coachella Day 1

the coffeetographer at coachella

the coffeetographer at coachella

Once upon a time I went to Coachella.

Coachella is more than the grass it’s seeded on. Beyond it’s wet dirt roads, encasing palms and mini valleys within it is a cultural oasis. Like an oasis, it is watered with art and music, but it is its people that make it bloom.

For day one, my tribe of friends and I took a walk through the main campgrounds where Elabrew is caffeinating the masses, passing haystacks and temporarily abandoned tents to hit the first music tent of our own.

The music began with a dance session at the Mojave tent to Aloe Blacc. His energy was palpable, as was the sweat, so much so that with arms simultaneously flailing up and down among thousands of others the feeling was of a familial one. We were all brothers and sisters in this, which Blacc said, “The beautiful thing about music is we get to do this to make you happy.”

An exit out of there and a walk to the outdoor theatre for Haim, made the trend of wearing a crown of flowers around the tendrils of ones hair a welcomed idea. I mean, after all its, palm springs, cue the floral head wreaths.

Midway through the afternoon, a coffee break was necessary. It was a wonderful one in the name of cold press coffee courtesy of JavaGoGo Coffee Company with beans from Equal Exchange.

The taste of Bartlett pear, roasted cocoa nibs was what my palette received, then I topped it off with a splash of almond milk making it an ideal cool refresher on an otherwise temperate day.

The day continued with soaked bandannas, laughs, skips, hitting indoor stages, lighting fire sticks during the Glitch Mob, skipping the Ferris wheel line and being blown away by Girl Talk to standing on the fringes of unknown artist stages and catching the view of a beautiful Indio sky back side up until Outkast took the stage.

Let me indeed say, Outkast took the stage. With red hot props that illuminated the palms above with the same hue, playing to standing [field] only – think thousands of thousands of thousands of people. What an audience to celebrate a twenty year union.

Leaving the valley of this this field left me fulfilled, satiated with music and ready for more. Stay tuned for day 2 and for updates on coffeetography in the next installment of “where there is coffee there’s style.”

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