Nearly two years ago, I was on a coffee date. Ha! That was nothing new. But, it was what happened while I was on that coffee date that was new. I saw a beautiful skirt move, like it was a character in a movie. However, it had no audible voice, or sound, but it was movement speaking to me and I wanted to give that skirt a voice. I was unsure how to do it, it wasn’t coffeetography, nor was it enough to be a fashion post. But, it did inspire a response in me, and that’s was enough to follow it.

I brought out my camera and began filming the motion in a succession of still images. Then, in the effort of allowing the image to come to life, I decided to film the same image allowing its wearer to interact with it as an element of their personal being and by extension their style.

But, of course, for me, that wasn’t enough. After documenting something so personal as an article of a person’s being, I also wanted to hear something personal from them. So, along this journey, I’ve also asked each of my subjects their name, where they are – always a coffee shop – and what do they love.

I believe that the coffee shop is one of the most universal spaces to humanity. Being in it for me goes far beyond being coffee a drinker, it is a place to be human, and as humans, to facets of love. So, each film concludes with what a person love, because love, is the most fundamental part of all of us.

This series, is called ‘green.’ In the spirit of the green coffee bean, it is raw, unrefined and fresh. Half of the film is composed of still images shot successively, followed by filmed footage – sometimes on a DSLR camera, other times on an Iphone. Because music is so important to the storytelling of life, I then paired a sonic frequency that I felt matched the movement of their story.

In this series, I’ve been moved by a briefcase, work boots, a sundress, an afro, a man’s tie, a shopping basket and so much more.

My only intention here is to be a storyteller of the people by what’s on the people. Its coffee as a culture, as I see it. It is not perfect, and thus it is.

Welcome, to an aspect of the visual mind of me, the coffeetographer. Watch here.

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