Serg, La Colombe Coffee, Noho, NY


Serg, La Colombe New York

Serg, La Colombe New York


He was at the end of his cigarette. But like the ocean wide, his eyes were so welcoming. And, within them was a deepness that I discovered when I asked him to have his morning coffee with me.

“There’s no tags on who we can be.  People think I’m homeless, but I’m not.  I’m the super for The Blue Man Group building.  And, I like creating things.


I believe buildings speak in sounds.  Do you too?


“Of course. I listen when it speaks. That’s how I know where the problem is. ”


Hey, do you wanna have a coffee with me?


“Yes. I like my coffee with three shots of espresso and no lines. ”


Then we had a coffee at La Colombe – major line. But a journey into the ocean is always worth it, right.


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