PopCoffeeCulture: A Week of Instagram June 23, ’14



This week Instagram and its personalities show us how they are already living summer in the Americas and enjoying outings whether to a cat cafe in Hong Kong or for a gram worthy breakfast in Berlin, eggs included.

pop [coffee] culture travels to New York, California’s Redlands, Hong Kong, Berlin and Denver. Join me to;

@guynamedpatrick @CFDA winner returns home to New York and stops at one of his favorite daily cortado spots Gasoline Alley Coffee,

@blakescott_ on a road trip to Vegas, stops at at a beautiful red, towering edifice otherwise known Augies coffee shop in Redlands, CA,

@breakingfad evokes what summer should be about : iced coffee, outdoor toys – cue the skateboard and lots of background laughs on the streets of New York,

@foodgps shares an inspiring art mural from @TazaCoffeeShop in Arcadia, California,

@garypeppergirl escapes to Hello Kitty’s cat café. Meow!

@meganhessillustrattion celebrates her first coffee after a week hiatus from the good stuff with a ‘coco chino’ fashion illustration,

@roamers_berlin had breakfast and the sunny side eggs had me at sunny,

@rstrongbones was in Denver, Colorado wearing a sick pair of suspenders at Black Eye Coffee Shop,

@thebazaarbohemian takes a tea break to play with her imagination and tap into the magic of ‘being’.


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