style: This little teapot of Nyong’o’s [Vogue]


Luptia Nyong’o in and is Vogue

Well, not that one’s heart was abundantly full with the myriad of images Lupita Nyong’o has given the culture at large in the last year.  So, this one in her first ever Vogue spread just about tips ones cup right over.

This image here is stupendous and I just love that amidst its details is a beautiful teapot with embroidery that oozes the texture of royalty.  Isn’t it nice when someone can come along with an essence that elevates all that they do, even if what “they do” is standing at a  table where tea is kind of also center staged.

The actress, model and yes, style icon is Vogue.

lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-06_103604788331Smile on Lupita, smile on!


See her full spread here. #cupUp

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