Culture Cooler:. Three Things to Talk About From the Weekend ’11 | 24′



1. The last regional coffee competition – The Big Eastern – occurred for baristas this past weekend. It was in in many ways epic. The return of one of the cultures most revered barista – Lem Butler, on twitter as @sexyfoam – and often-competing barista – Sam Lewontin on twitter, as @coffeeandbikes  – took the stage and their regions respectively. Uber congrats to both who competed with Counter Culture roasted coffee. See them in 2015, at the U.S. Competitions held in Long Beach.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 4.29.02 PM2. Small batch just got a little bigger for Toby’s Estate, hailing from Australia. In a city like New York, where one can never have enough coffee shops. the brand welcomes its third expression to the West Village. With coffee changing like the season, literally, new expressions in coffee are always welcomed and might I say, needed.  If you’re on the gram, expect many a Instagrammer, like @eggcanvas to be documenting hearts and donuts and table plants: oh, yes, my!

3. Oslo wants its voice, its coffee voice that is, heard. Launched yesterday on IndieGogo, Brygg – a magazine about coffee culture in Oslo – aims to tell stories, by coffee enthusiasts for every kind of appreciator of special things. The print publication is helmed by a team of three who believe that the sensual experience of taking in the contents of a cup should be equally complimented by something tactile. Here’s wishing much success to their take on printing coffee culture.

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