coffeetography:. Tiff, Two Hands, Little Italy

tiff, two hands, little italy, ny

tiff, two hands, little italy, ny

the near way back

Window seats get me every time. They propel me into wonder, of times past, of times now and of times in the future.

While having avocado and toast together, she seemed to not need a window for that to happen. Instead, just the company of one.

“There use to be a time when you could just spend time with people. Will people still know how to do that – be with people – when everyone’s so busy doing everything but interacting.  That’s why I like to spend time with someone, one person at a time – I’m not competing with a group or things and then you can get to really see them, really know them, you know?

I know, Tiff, I know.

Coffee Shop: Two Hands

Location: Little Italy, New York

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