exCerpt:. Coffee+Pin-Up via @SlinkyZim, Instagram

coffee has an interesting way of showing up in our cultural conversation. an exCerpt, of coffee and its collective appearance as a character in the every day.

art, Zakiya Mason

art, Zakiya Mason

“= #pourover #coffee #girl# illustration”

This may be a first, quoting a hashtag, but, so let it be.

The scene that’s illustrated comes by Instagram way of a Los Angeles artist and barista named Zakiya Mason.   There’s so much to love about the cultural appropriation of the infamous pin-up in the context of coffee culture. So, lets begin.

One, its sexy. And coffee, my friends, is sexy. To walk into a coffee bar, or have the experience of creating what could be seen as an act of communion with a beverage feels just about as holy at times as if its a spiritual indulgence.

Two, the scene is one that harks to our society’s current handcraft artisan culture. Zakiya has properly cued all the usual players of artisan coffee too: a bag of beans with its complimentary spillage; a grinder, scale, Chemex and kettle.  Brew on!

Third, this image brings the historical idea of the pinup to mind, which had a challenging identity itself in the 19th and 20th century.  During the latter time period of the former and  the beginning of the latter, a woman’s identity was tied to her sexuality and her public persona.  She became a symbol of fantasy. At times, coffee, in the specialty context can be in this sphere as well – appropriated as something to pin up, pop up, and deliver to an increasing sub-cultural mass an experience that at times could really be special or at other times, just a really pretty show.

A zoom in on our lady’s eyes and the viewer can feel the subject’s awareness of an audience.  Yes, the wanting is in a beautiful cup of coffee, but also in the complex nature of substance behind this symbol. It is interesting to see how coffee-culture will continue to fare as its audience grows and matures.  For inspiring all these thought, smdlr says #cupUP Zakiya Mason. – cde

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