On Coffee: Costa Rica, Indiana, Phoenix, Yemen – June 8

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cappuccino, Cog Coffee

cappuccino, Cog Coffee

“I can comfortably claim that specialty coffee is a White man’s world.”  The Chocolate Barista  x Phoenix

“Here’s what my coffee looks like (which, for me in the morning, can be as beautiful as a sunset).” The Federalist 

“By now anyone who has fretted about the health and environmental complexities of plastic has found ways to limit its presence in their lives — by switching to stainless steel water bottles, buying canned foods made with BPA-free linings or toting ceramic coffee cups. AlterNet x Indiana

“Incredible Video of the History of Coffee in Costa Rica and Captain Le Lacheur in 1845.” QCostaRica x Costa Rica

“Chewing khat, a green plant, has a stimulant effect similar to drinking several cups of coffee and is part of the social fabric of Yemen. It became a class C drug in the UK in 2014.” The Guardian x Yemen