Culture Cooler: The Point of Cold, A Talking Cafe, and A Brew Gone High, June 11.

what is cool

  1. GREENPOINT,  Williamsburg

The point of it.

The bottle may look grumpy, but its ten ounces hope that you don’t stay that way. Café Grumpy, an independent coffee roaster and company that started in 2005, well before Girls moved in and further established its cultural status, with episodic cable show where it had a  frequent cameo, has has joined the cold coffee, ready to drink conversation. Dark bottled and its signature orange accent for a top and its trademark upside down face are its principle brand attributes. With copy “Seasonally Sourced, Relationship coffee,” this made in Brooklyn ten ounce brew is an extension of specialty coffee speaking to a market that is seeing cold coffee boom.


2. JERUSALEM, Isreal

Come One Language, Come All

A class being held in a coffee shop in Jerusalem isn’t trying to take over the café. Seeing a small group gathered at Talk Café means a “ a drop –in language learning program – is helping less affluent speakers of a language to speak more fluently. Given that language is a gateway to learning a culture, this café setting is an ideal environment for people of all languages to gather, talk and coffee.

3. TOKYO, Japan

Japan might be trending in the consciousness of lifestyle coffee for its slow drip gift to the culture in recent decades, or the increasing amount of American coffee brands making their way to the city or for the recently second place World Barista Champion finisher: Yoshikazu Iwase. For all of that and maybe not its found its way to to the eyes of the High Snobiety website – making their way Bear Pond Espresso a place the site describes as “alternative coffee culture,” by founder Katsuyuki Tanaka who grew up mostly in New York and is inspired by its coffee culture. It’s a beautiful short film story on his journey – influences and inspirations. If you don’t know now you know. Watch the video here.