Eight Things in Coffee and Culture To Do This June

hello June


1. Coffee | June 4-June 8

Berlin and Tokyo make a trip to Seattle as two international roasters Onibus Coffee from Tokyo and Bonanza Coffee Roasters from Berlin, take on La Marzocco’s Café in Seattle, Washington.

The Roasters in Residence program by La Marzocco provides locals and travelers to experience coffee through the context of a roaster. Both roasters will be featuring Espirito Santo, a limited edition washed-process coffee from Brazil, each applying their own take, espresso and espresso and milk drinks for Bonanza and filter and pour over for Onibus. Additionally, you can explore other specialty drinks such as an espresso shake, cascara soda, cold brew and mocha from the ‘black, white, cold, espresso and filter’ menu.

Image @aboutlifecoffeebewers

2. Product | Just Launched

If you like craft coffee and convenience, the new subscription coffee pod service, Morning which promises to deliver both. Sourcing specialty coffee for its pods by roasters from around the world aims to make your morning more of an adventure.  Thinking about where you want to travel first?

Learn about Morning here along with getting a free trial.

3. Coffee | June 6-8

This world is full of coffee and Berlin knows it. World of Coffee Berlin 2019 returns and with a host of championships to accompany it including the World Coffee Championships in Messe Berlin. The three days will officially see competitions for World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, World Cup Tasters Championship, and Cezve/Ibrik Championship at Messe Expo. As well, it hosts the German Aeropress Championshipsand the third International Chemex Cup.

The event is equals part craft and art as baristas compete for titles in their respective competitions according to the Facebook events page.

4. Film | June 7 #latenight

Full of women, jokes and ample coffee mug cameos on desks -daytime and late at night- Late Night is a film about a late-night talk-show host who suspects that she may soon lose her long running show because of her female joke writer. Starring Mindy Kaling as the writer and Emma Thompson as the talk show host the film opens June 7, 2019.

Battling more than a half of dozen stereotypes, and turning the joke on the host, Kaling shows up and resurrects the night.

5. Industry | Bloom, June 17-26

An in-real-time-event, Bloom is an annual gathering of the coffee community for the coffee community. The half day program aims to get a nation of coffee people talking with deep engagement and visible post action as a byproduct.

Excitedly this year, the event takes over four cities –Atlanta Washington D.C., Salt Lake City, Utah, Los Angeles, CA- where it’s national themes will be accented with local leaders from each area in which the tour is representing enunciating them.

The program includes three talks with interactive QandA’s following each:

  1. Everything Old is New Again – Presented by Erika Vonie, Trade
  • Engaging, Educating and empowering consumer through knowledge and trends to give them what they really want,

2. Innovation Culture in Food and Coffee – Presented by Chad Robertson, Tartine + Chris Jordan, Coffee Manufactory

  • Using innovation as an alternative way to contextualize coffee, using food and wine as a model for experimentation and renewal?
  1. Creating Coffee Communities of the Future: A Panel Discussion – Moderated by Kathie Hilberg, Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  • Going beyond the existing design of local and community driven events, this is a call for more inclusive event planning and community building.

6. Art | Now and Til Further Notice

image, Carly Diaz

Coffee attracts, so does the new three-dimensional art mural at the new DTLA Stumptown Coffee Roasters in the Fashion District. Gone are the days where bare walls, well placed plants and hanged photos were among a short list of ways to decorate or nota café space. For the culture and the history of its indie roots, visiting Stumptown Coffee to see Nathaniel Russell’swork and hearing Mississippi Recordscurated vinyl, while having a cup of Portland’s historic coffee heritage is a must for the location which just opened its doors May 1st.

7. Community | June 15th

There will be coffee and dancing in the streets of Leimert Park  Village as the historic neighbordhood’s Harun Coffee hosts Dancing In The Street, a black independent day block party. Merging black culture, coffee beans sourced from Ethiopia, soul music and a space dedicated to lifestyle goods hailing from those of the diaspora, Harun Coffee brings art and culture under its roof. And, now to the streets.

8. Community | June 22

A social media movement called See You On Sunday, which started on Instagram to encourage humans to take a day off from using their phones, is throwing its first in real life event.

Forwarding the topic of social media health and connecting with those who are with us in the present, this phone free fun night is a move in the right direction. Founder, Isaac Rochelle will be the evenings host at Newport Beach’s Daydream Surf Shop.

Its Instagram is a visual mood board of authentic inspiration as well as a consortium of quotes reminding you to connect to who you are and your why being social is beyond likes, refreshes and algorithms.

Come for a night of good ole fashioned board games and facetime.

Happy June.