A Coffee Roaster Empowers America’s Brewers To Build from The Brewer Up.


Acronyms which can oftentimes also be an initialism – if we’re going back that far – can mean a few things. It asks, requires, suggest and mandates that on, “bring your own…”  beer, bottle and even boba if we’re keeping true with the alphabet.

The phrase and abbreviation BYOB  is a derivative of BYOL “bring your own liquor” which was always in reference to alcohol in part to “two panels of a cartoon by Frank M. Spangler in the Montgomery Advertiser (Montgomery, Alabama), December 26, 1915, page 5,”according to Wikipedia.

Instead of asking for an RSVP of a social guest,  Wranglers’ drawing asked them to BYOL. By the 1950s, the term took on various takes and meanings including references to BYOB “rendering as “bring your own booze,” although “beer,” “bottle” and “beverage” were all suggested on at least one occasion.”

Today in specialty coffee ,one could rightly say “bring your own brew” if inviting a guest to a social activity where they can brew their coffee outside of home. But first, a system to brew on is necessary, don’t you think? This is where the pleasure of the ritual you love can become daunting. There are a lot of moving parts to brew coffee, literally.  There’s the coffee, always. Then, there’s the matter of your brew device, a filter, a scale, and of course, the kettle.

What is more there’s the thought of how your daily use of recurring items might impact your ecological footprint. Thankfully, you and I don’t have to do all the leg work on our own to gather all the individual components to make an entire brewing system as I myself did a little over a year ago.  To the empowerment of many coffee lovers, Cafe Demitasse,  Los Angeles specialty coffee roaster and coffee shop brand and partner to The Coffeetographer, has compiled some essential items to start brewers like us on our coffee way.

www.cafedemitasse.comAccording to The National Coffee Association’s Data Trend report 2019, ” 78 percent of coffee drinkers preparing their coffee in-home.  This means that there’s a need for the American public to have a brew kit that not only supports their habit but enhances it.

Queue Cafe Demitasse’s Beta Brew Kit feature designed for coffee lovers to create from the brew device up an entire system for their most beloved ritual. 



Upon reviewing the brew kit, I like that, we, the brewers have options when it comes to building our own bundle. One can choose by the brew method like Aeropress or Kalita.  Or, one can start entirely from scratch and work your way through eight points of the kit, accessories included.

Specialty coffee can be daunting even for the person who appreciates watching the science of coffee happen before their eyes at their local shop from the hands of a barista or from their very own at home. After all, attending your next fancy societal event doesn’t  have to mean bring your own barista, it could just be bring your own brew – made from your very own brew kit. That’s craft with class.