a coffee with [Christiana Greene], Bum Cake Vintage


“I buy vintage..and I make the earth a little better.”

Her ease is so simple it feels like you’re with a feather. It’s a Thursday afternoon in July, at Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Christiana has met me for a cup of coffee.  When she asks me to tell her what I’m having, I do tell. It’s the cold brew ice chai tea and its some kind of summer drink divine.

Christiana Greene is an entrepreneur, vintage store owner, thrifter, humanitarian and stylist of self. She grew up thrifting with her mom and aunt, “thrifting that was our outing.”

One of the beautys’ about her is that her beauty is functional. She notes that she does what she loves, dresses weather appropriate and is all about a dialogue exchange.

As we chat over coffee, share a mutual admiration for each other’s rings, my purpose for connecting with her style is revealed.

“People think you buy vintage because your broke. That’s not true. I’m buying it because of a choice and I’m making the earth a little better.”

Her consciousness about up-cycling goods for herself and others is admirable and expresses a  philosophy that should accompany more conversations about the benefits of thrifting which go beyond it just being cost effective.

A day doesn’t go by when I’m not conscious of what I’m wearing. I always aim to feel good in what I’m in and when I’m going to work – the coffee shop – I’m thinking of how my style is influencing my senses and  my experiences. As well, I know I’m bringing a story to another story. The story of the clothes I’m wearing and where they’ve been before me, to the story of where I’m taking them as I wear them on my journey in life, everyday.  I know, its kind of deep right, but I really do believe this.

I wonder where Christiana sources her find.  Thankfully, she tells; online shops which she discovers a lot from Instagram, Urban Jungle in Brooklyn and places that are out of New York State.

As coffee is a vehicle of human expression, so is style.

“The beauty of vintage is its imperfection, its flawed. Everyone’s flawed,” says Christiana.

That’s a load off. We don’t have to be perfect. And, neither does coffee, but it does have to express itself. The better that it can and that we do, the more beautiful we all can be together.
xoCo, cde

Coffee Shop: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Location: West Village, New York

coffeetography taken July 11, 2014

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