A Fog Machine, The Make Coffee Black Doc and a Very New York Collaboration

fog, faces and film

1.Not rapper A$AP Rocky hanging on a city bench, holding a Greek Anthora coffee cup speaking of NAS in the rappers video “Wave Gods?” Say Less! Coffee culture comes full city circle in the Queensbridge rappers’ video  which features scenes from the state of New York’s streets. From a coffee cup on a kitchen table to one being held by a panhandler, the video discusses life, trust, friendship, and family heirlooms, “kinda swag passed from your mom and bad.” Get your drip.

2.Miami officially got to experience a Big Pop-Up behind BIGFACE coffee brand founded by Jimmy Butler when it made a cameo for the Miami Open. Butler brings his NBA stardom from the Miami Heat and his love for coffee to the culture, with service that sources uncommon coffee and products. Beans in glass jars labelled R&D range from $28 to $70. Now, the head barista of the brand, Jimmy Butler himself covers Barista Magazine’s April/May 2022 seventeenth anniversary issue. Celebrate!

3.Issa tour! Cxffee Black, a roaster and coffee shop brand based in Memphis, Tennessee set to make a trip to coffee’s homeland of Africa, specifically, Guji, Ethiopia. They crowdfunded the trip and received more than the initial month within the first day. The documentation of the journey which includes selfie like documentation clips, along with education on coffee’s history from Africa to the world, premiers officially in the film ‘Cxffee Black to Africa’ at Specialty Coffee Association’s annual trade Expo which occurs in Boston this year, April 11-14. The documentary tour begins April 7th and travels to select cities throughout the summer and fall seasons. Make Coffee Black

4.How much would you pay for a coffee table? Designer Rick Owens believes that some people would pay approximately $3,990 USD for a Fog Machine Coffee Table. Part function, mostly theatrics, learn about the mini design edifice from Spring/Summer 2022 runway way that wants to blow smoke up your ritual. Puff

5.Two New York institutions are joining together for a cultural collaboration. Enter La Colombe Coffee x The New Yorker coffee blend. The collaboration celebrates rituals that go together: coffee and reading. The coffee is a medium roast blend with roasting notes detailed as cocoa, candied walnuts and nougat. The artwork that covers the blue hued box features an illustration by Vincent Mahé which encourages all to get out and reacquaint themselves with the great outdoors.

6.Marvin’s never had coffee before. That sentence is the title of a film screened at SXSW 2022 by Mailchimp.            It’s about a man named Marvin who drinks coffee for the first time, follows coffee accounts on Instagram and is an all-around coffee lover as evidenced by his uber excitement to talk about it and share it with anyone who will listen including one seemingly interested non-coffee drinker. his mansplaining and wax poeticizing about it over zoom with his colleagues. Press Play

7.Parlez-vous coffee? Coffee is a universal language. The next issue of Drift Magazine Vol. 12 takes us to Paris where speaking coffee has had a grand specialty rising in the last half decade at the minimal least. Paris is where I found my favorite roaster for the past two years, Prolog and by one of my favorite coffee shops, Dreamin Man. Paris never fails to be romantic especially when it speaks the language of coffee. In the words of  Drifts’ editors: “As one of the most recognizable backdrops in the world, Paris is a globally celebrated lookbook of quaint vignettes and glittering excess. Perhaps more than any other city in the world, it is the visual yardstick by which all others are measured. But this treasured gem is multifaceted, offering more than just the well-worn patina of emperors and flâneurs.” Oui