A Guide to 15 of My Favorite L.A. Coffee Shops

but first, a list


In partnership with Bublup, a visual cloud that helps you organize what you discover digitally, I have has partnered with the company to curate a set of lists around coffee, culture and sustainability.

As a native Angelena and bi-coastal city dweller – L.A. and N.Y., and the Coffeetographer, I am often asked what are my favorite coffee shops.  shops. Because coffee shop recommendations can often over generalize or steal the unique thunder a custom list can provide for the person asking ‘where should I go?’ I’ve often deferred from creating a best of list. However, this partnership inspired me to curate a list based upon multiple factors that might appeal to a wide range of explorers and adventures looking for coffee under variable context.

While it wasn’t easy to compile a list of just fifteen – with a bonus – in a city getting coffee right in many places that I turn to, these are the ones that consistently bubble out of mouth when I’m asked for recommendations, including a new one on the block.

My criteria:

  1. quality of coffee -based upon my subjective standards of running this webzine for 7.5 years,
  2. a unique experience – through design, branding and aesthetics, lifestyle appeal to a specific consumer interest beyond coffee i.e. surf, books, film, fashion- and that champions sustainability,
  3. exhibit trend and/or tropes in coffee culture in an authentic way,
  4. a destination for coffee and the pairing of culture as an aside and
  5. good ole’ fashion hospitality including a side of seltzer with espresso.

To access the list,  drop a note in the comments with your email or dm me and I’ll invite you to my exclusive folder.

Let’s sip this city.