A Plant Residency at Long Beach’s Commodity, Gabrielle Union’s Bitsy at Sip and Sonder, Brooklyn’s Daughter Takes Off with a Kickstarter

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Honor Cafe, Paris, France.

  1. Sometimes a small shop passes the torch to another small shop. Oakland’s States Coffee has taken over the 11-year running Subrosa coffee, with a reopen set for October 24. Opening day comes with free drinks for all.
  2. Inglewood’s Sip and Sonder has a new partnership with Gabrielle Union’s Bitsy. The brain food is targeted toward children and will pop up alongside the coffee shops’ Sidewalk Series featuring children’s story time.
  3. Daughter, a specialty coffee shop planning a Brooklyn opening “focused on community, sustainability and conversations at the family table” launched a now 100% funded Kickstarter to open in the fall of 2020 serving Brooklyn’s own SEY.
  4. Go Get Em Tiger has taken over Santa Monica’s sandy box where long time Amelia’s Espresso & Panini served the community for 18 years.
  5. In Venice Beach, Menottis has a new tiled patio out of doors – VBC – welcoming longer hours again alfresco.
  6. Coffee Commissary has expanded its iconic doodle design to a takeaway carton. You’ll want to go so you can also take-away.
  7. In Long Beach, All Time Plants is the debut plant residency at Commodity Long Beach, alongside its coffee, beer and wine program.