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To have and to hold a vessel whose contents can marry us to a ritual is a mighty union. I must admit, I haven’t thought about my choices in drinking vessels as such a sacred bond as that I hold marriage to be. However, when I think of the agreement that must occurs between my vessels of use at home when drinking from origins around the world to my corner of the United States, saying yes to this glass was came with an exclamation mark.


notNeutral, VERO cappuccino glass

Growing alongside LA’s coffee culture coffee over the past few years has introduced me to a lot of drinking vessels. But for any native of the city, notNeutral’s products have been like a golden child of coffee shops that wanted to care as much about their cafe design as their cafewares.  When notNeutral alerted me to their me think pretty VERO glasses, I knew that a morning would come, where its glass would meet one of my mornings’ at home.

The brand informed me that their goods are a product of  “multidisciplinary design firm RCH Studios with the intent to create tabletop products that will transform your everyday rituals.”  While this messaging can be found readily, I enjoyed knowing that their brand intention including elevating an activity that many might do by rote and without much fanfare.

I believe that function, beauty and sustainability can coexist which is why I love that the VERO cappuccino glasses, which I now have in my possession, inspires me to want to not just have these but hold and drink from them, as part of my collection of wares forever.


coffee and milk

Why? The beauty of the design allows me to hold in hand, a rose worth its weight in hue. Its lines are at once durable and soft. When I took my cappuccino glass out into the soft morning sun, the light bounced through it, creating ripples of circular patterns atop my coffee table surface making for a fun visual exercise and creative meditation, which I do every morning. Elevate!

Beauty can encourage multiple use and a return to its characteristic time and time again. In our coffee culture, lifestyle which sees single use cups contribute widely to our unsustainability of our industry, VERO inspires through a vessel, an alternative style.

While I’m getting kissed by a rose in the form of a glass, enjoying coffee and milk, explore more of notNeutral.


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