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I love coffee; I love coffee shops even more. I am Chermelle Danicea Edwards, the founder of The Coffeetographer.com, a webzine that is a cultural platform for the world of the Arts expressed, documented and curated through the lens of specialty coffee. With a degree from UCLA in Creative Writing, I use my editorial skills, photo-documentation and storytelling to unfold the complex and diverse world of coffee as a culture.

My work has been featured in Fodor’s Travel, Mic.Com, The Guardian, Cool Hunting, Atlanta Blackstar, Business Week, The Specialty Coffee Chronicle, VSCO, Creative Mornings and Design Good to name a few. As a cultural influencer I’ve been featured in The Washington Post, T Magazine, on The Sartorialist, Very Short List, Creative Mornings, Vogue Italia, Refinery 29, New Heroes and Pioneers, Brygg Magasin, Serious Eats, Essence and more.

This space is not a blog or an ordinary listicle of where to go in coffee and culture. Instead it is a place of highly curated culture, images of people and coffee and structures itself as a vehicle for communing, cultural anthropology and the connection economy.


I feel too varied to sum me up in artfully contrived paragraphs. Yet, I feel there is so much and so little to say.

So, for now, I think that you should know my inspirations because then you can know me.  Here’s the almost short-list; God, family, friends, flea markets, people, Henry Miller, Picasso, architecture, style-bloggers, print magazines, William Faulkner, random conversations, Alexandre Dumas, independent music, Miles Davis, neighborhoods, thrifting, hostels, Toni Morrison,  beaches, books, Brooklyn,Thomas Newman, travel bookstores, L.A., love, natural light, Africa (all of it), acoustic guitars, airports and airplanes, Picasso (yes I’ve listed him twice), graffiti, Gustav Klimt, Maxwell, caffeine, Bon Iver, Modigliani, Annie:the movie, yard sales, Van Gogh, ideas, and paper…yes paper in all its tangible forms. For all the ways to connect with me click here.


  1. Consultant
  2. Product Stories: Coffee, Fashion, Lifestyle*
  3. Webzine Posts: Product + Content Placement on TheCoffeetographer.com
  4. Social Media Campaigns
  5. Photography and Visual Projects
  6. Coffee Editorials: Story and Styling on the Lifestyle of Coffee Culture
  7. Sponsored Posts

*The Coffeetographer does receive gifted items and when these items make an appearance on TheCoffeetographer.com it is noted. For media kit and inquiries shoot me an email. Lets work together. Meantime, journey well.

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