The Coffee Stories

October 7, 2015

espresso at Panther Coffee

espresso at Panther Coffee

Public Coffee Announcement:


Welcome to the beginning of a new storytelling service for specialty coffee: The Coffee Stories. Appearing on Wednesdays, The Coffee Stories are a platform for original, short form, imaginative storytelling of coffee and its culture sourced from all over the world, to more of the world. As a global webzine and niche voice, The Coffeetographer aims to humanize a commodity, beloved by billions one coffee story at a time. Would you like to have your story appear on The Coffeetographer, as a Coffee Story commission, email here [email protected]


About The Coffee Stories

Coffees are stories. Every coffee has one; every human has one, making both universal to the thread of our existence. For every story there is a journey, the place where the story begins and the place where the story ends. As the founder of, my mission has and will continue to be, to tell and create the universal stories that bind coffee to the culture of the people. I’ve wondered, how can I work to better share the stories of coffee.  The answer is in the coffee.

What are The Coffee Stories? Short stories. About coffee. And culture. Digitally.

Why do we need them? The Coffee Stories provide an authentic way to bring attention to coffees and its lifestyle culture from around the world, through a commissioned story driven platform, based upon text and visuals.

What The Coffee Stories aren’t?

They don’t sell coffee. They don’t rate coffee. They don’t review coffee or products or culture.  And, they aren’t a listicle of coffees.

How do you commission a Coffee Story?

Coffee Stories are commissioned quarterly and feature up to one coffee, brand or product a month.

Why tell stories? Our culture needs more storytellers. Our coffee and products need other ways for its stories to be told and to connect with existing customers; the ever-growing millennial to baby boomer coffee enthusiasts – all ages – want to know more about the world that coffee and its lifestyle can take them to. The Coffeetographer is a trusted and independent voice connecting humans from a variety of backgrounds with discerning cultural sensibilities to coffee and culture.

To see some previous examples of past Coffee Stories from our first inaugural year visit here, here and here.

Ready to have your story told? Email: [email protected]