coffee.: Abraco, Red Light Bling, East Village, NY

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This “coffee bling can only mean one thing… Oh my gawd you’re a legend, you’re a legend.”

A trip here brought song out of me and non other from a leader of the six, Drake. There is no East Village Coffee culture without Abraco. In my humble opinion.

One will know they have arrived here upon sight of the trademark burgundy red wall at the south east corner, if you’re coming from the east or upon seeing the lone standing bench coming from the west. Once you’re here, there’s this red neon bling, letting you know you’ve officially arrived at a world, albeit a district within itself on east eighth street. Almost anytime of day, there’s two sometimes three men behind the counter that evokes a little tiny prep kitchen, like others in the village – instead of dumplings or pizza they are turning over coffee.

In a city where many things are incredibly close – where intimacy and comfort are stolen daily, you’ll welcome these robbed from you in a shoebox space that portends to be as good as any storied ‘hole in a wall.”  Talk of the day lobbies back and forth like a ball on a soccer field and details are abundant from the literal writing on the glass to the pound cake that could repair a marriage. To think this little red hot number was a dream of one man and its still here, he’s still here. Shine you, you crazy shop!