Adele on coffee culture, Perci in Shanghai, Mexico’s Carbon Neutral coffee farm 

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1. “Whats an unexpected similarity between London and los Angeles?

         “’Tea and coffee culture,”’ said Adele.

2. “I thought it was so romantic to sit at a small, round table set for two and share a banana split with coffee ice cream and chocolate syrup and homemade whipped cream,” says Jolie. 

3. “Just 24 hours ahead of the fifth and final season premiere of “Insecure,” creator and star Issa Rae welcomed hundreds of fans gathered at the parking-lot-turned-venue of Hilltop’s Coffee and Kitchen in L.A. for Insecure Fest — a five-hour live musical celebration of the show.”

4. “Last fall, she became the first coffee farmer in Mexico to earn Carbon Neutral certification for her farm, Finca Los Pinos, in Zihuateutla, Puebla. Daily Coffee News

5. “Producing coffee makes a significant environmental impact — estimates vary, but about 39 gallons of water are needed for one cup, according to UNESCO’s Institute for Water Education.”

6. “Their signature [coffee] drink, Perci, is a mixture of cold brew, white grape liqueur, Japanese plum wine, dill, fresh lemon and linden honey.”

7. A coffee shop in Kent, UK has decided to only serve customers who bring their own cups. To illustrate why they are doing this they filled their store with disposable cups.