a july series | an affogato in brooklyn : de luxe

a  pair of churning hands complimented with a “what if”,

caused Tina Schwarz of De Luxe  to develop an artisan cream

and drown out this summer’s heat with an urban affogato

“i’m a personal fan of affogato. so, to not be able to really get it, except for dessert at an italian restaurant was a no-brainer for us to do here at the shop” said Tina.

affogato at De Luxe begins and ends handmade. in use, is Hudson Valley milk and Black Venom espresso courtesy of Doma Coffee Roasting Co.

from milk to gelato the nesting period is 24 hours. delivered in a 4.5 oz tumbler, was a mound of vanilla sorbet, double shot of espresso, pulled by Andy, Tina’s husband.  at first descriptive thought, it yielded a taste in my mouth that was the conjunction of marshmallows -at the point of melting- hitting dark chocolate in repose, on my tongue. #yum

may this cool revolution drown one and all.





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