X in Expresso, The Africa Channel’s New Bi-Continental Morning Series,

cai & wendy-2720There is an ‘X’ in Expresso.

The first ever bi-continental morning show launches on July 18th, doubling on two continents – Africa via Cape Town and the U.S.

The soft launch of ‘Expresso’ occurs on July 18th, with its subject being the late Nelson Mandela and a tribute to his life.

According to The Africa Channel, its “Expresso Previews”, will highlight various segments from the series — leading to the morning show’s official premiere in the fall, where it will show daily with the exception of the weekends in two 2.5 time slots. – 6 am to 8:30 am ET, and 9 am to 11:30 am ET.

While in coffee, espresso is spelled with an ‘s’ and refers to coffee that is a result of a ratio of boiling water forced over ground coffee beans to produce a short impactful shot of coffee, it looks like Expresso will be doing the same, except with content from topics including but not limited to fashion, food, travel, technology, green living, gadgets, music and medicine.

Here’s to hoping that these shots of impactful information in what the network is calling a ‘signature’ for their channel can out live its coffee puns and provide another lens on the exciting culture of Africa.