art.: Art.Basel.Coffee. A Cultural Guide, 2017



Frida Baranek

The beginning and the genesis of the epicenter of the 2017 edition of Art Basel Miami takes place at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The bi-continental fair and dual yearly offering returns with an improved exhibition experience as a two-year renovation process brings larger everything : booths, aisles and dining.

In this edition, 268 premier galleries from 32 countries take to the sunny filled city from destinations including Central America, Asia, Latin America to South Africa.

The Convention holds a plethora of works and among modern,  contemporary, mixed media and fabric forward installations here’s a few pieces to see in this culture’s annual guide to Art Basel.

William Klein



Herman Bass


Jordan Wolfson


Alain Sechas


Heaven, Pope.L, 28 Stacks of Cups


Over the course of the fair, four museums are absolutely must-walk throughtheir doors.  This culture will be visiting each and reporting back on what’s to see now and into the near future: BASS, ICA, PAMM, The Rubell  Museum.


Abraham Cruzvillegas (Regen)

Dec 6 | Live Performance. Collins Park

Framed around the theme ‘Territorial’,  Collins Park transforms into an outdoor exhibition space, featuring 11 site-responsive works by established and emerging artists: Frida Baranek, Yto Barrada, Daniel Buren, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Philippe Decrauzat, Noël Dolla, Cyprien Gaillard, Daniel Knorr, Harold Mendez, Manuela Viera-Gallo and Brenna Youngblood. In addition, Jim Shaw and his D’red D’warf band will present the premiere of ‘The Rinse Cycle’.

Dec 6,7,8 | Are you really my friend?

Friends? Forever?

With an aim to create and cultivate meaning into the human experience through art, MGM Resorts Art & Culture, an Associate Partner of the show, will present a participatory art installation by Tanja Hollander. Hollander visited her Facebook friends in real life and time 626 of them.  Are you really my friend, is “about friendship, but it’s also about traveling and hospitality; the exciting experiences we all have when we step out of our own communities and explore the world around us,” said Hollander.

Using Post-It notes viewers and visitors can answer and interact with the exhibition. On Friday, December 8, from 12-1:30 p.m., a public book signing to celebrate an aligned book release with the artist will be at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

Dec 7,8,9 |  No Commission, SoHo Studios, Wynwood

Returning to Art Basel again with ‘No Commission Miami’, an artist forward project in its sixth series, Swiss Beatz curates a three- day immersive experience with The Dean Collection and BACARDÍ. hyperlink

From North America and The Caribbean the installation features artists in “Island Might,” exploring “the “ways of an island”— its functioning components and life essentials are guiding principles. We examine family, land & sea, ritual, revolution and color as elemental forces that can illuminate the roadmap for a more generous, stable fate.” Artists working in mediums of painting, sculpture to VR receive all proceeds from their work. Live music performances and artistic cocktails will be on bar for the imbibing by Bacardi.

Daytime Public Hours: SAT, SUN,12:00-5 p.m.
Evening events: FRI, SAT 7 p.m-12 a.m. Register for entry here 



Design Miami

AIRBnB |  Wild Thing

What wild things, go there? There, as in home? Along with Mukker Van Severeb, a Belgian design studio, AirBnb presents an interactive installation, ‘A Wild Thing’ It explores Home and the emotional synapses that connect ones life and history to the objects placed within. What’s intriguing and makes a must see is the integration of the  arranged components of the exhibition through the lens of inspiration. Be sure to tune into the humans within the living spaces as they’ll whisper stories into ears of visitors.

MAGEN H. GALLERY | A seat at Chapo

Pierre Chapo

The late Parisian architect and French craftsman, Pierre Chapo enters Design Miami with a room full of tables and chairs accented by embellishing art and artifacts with the Magen H. Gallery. Smooth to the touch like cotton candy, the journey of wood through Chapo’s hands create a lasting impression on the visual eye. His works are centerpieces for communal living and expression. The art of slow and connection can only be buoyed by entertaining such craftmanship in one’s personal space.





The New Art Dealers Alliance is a non profit organization providing programming, forums and events for the public. Ever inciting and invoking conversations its curatorial palate is rooted in the everyday point of view through creative expression. Site perfromances like Loni Johnson’s Homecoming and acoustic performance cutthrough the art fair noise as must sees.


The beach base Untitled returns to Miami with contemporary works worthy of a walk on sand and water. Works to see include the National Gallery from Puerto Rico, Asya Geisberg, Henrique Faria Buenos and photographer Stephen Shore, who has a comprehensive exhibition of his works at MoMa.  Over its five days and alongside art, special projects and events, Untitled will host radio conversation and talks.

Take note of these which peak the cultures interest: December 7th, BMoreArt with Mera and Don Rubell, 3-4 p.m.; Fresh Art International with Amy Sherald, the painter commissioned to create an official portrait of former first lady Michelle Obama; Dec 9th. The Visitor Economy,  An Interview with Marina Reyes Franco, 1:30-2:30 and Dec 10th, Scott Reeder: Fake Music GEnres, a mix of music recordings based on imaginary hybrid genres, 11-12 p.m. 

Pulse Miami

Contemporary art has a pulse. Pulse Miami knows this well m, as it returns with curated sections including. With five continents showing, bookmark Tony Guy.


Film Curator Marian Masone returns to Art Basel and it feels like three times continues the charm as as many  nights as here tenure with fair delivers  programming to Soundscape Park. What would these evening hours with the screen be without a sonic experience to precede them?

Hans Berg’s Trance’ (2017), aims to engulf the listener in sounds that are hypnotic and transportive through the immersion of rainforest sounds, industrial noises, synthesizer rhythms and more.

Of note: Boom For Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat’ (2017) will screen at the Colony Theatre. “Directed by Sara Driver (b. 1955), the film documents the life of Jean-Michel Basquiat (b. 1960, d. 1988) from 1978 to 1981, when he was a homeless teenager in New York City. Featuring interviews with rappers, musicians and artists who knew Basquiat personally, ‘Boom for Real’ presents a comprehensive look into the seminal artist’s formative years and how downtown New York City inspired his practice.”

Coffee Shops |

David Hockney

The all Nicaraguan coffee sourced cafe, Cafe Integral resides inside Freehand Hotel. Free hand pours? Maybe. But what one can be sure to experience a coffee menu from a generational coffee family where the shots to the milk are worth their weight in pulls.

Ministry of Kappi, a multi-coastal independent brand and woman owned is popping up around the Basel Fair with South Indian crafted Kaapi. Kaapi which means coffee, gets its cultural tradition long pour tradition of coffee, milk and sugar from the roads of Southern India. Follow its Instagram for it pop-ups.

The lovechild of barista Camila Ramos has and continues to  maintain a handhold in the specialty coffee community of Miami with All Day Mia.  Locals talk about it, industry raves it and from the voice of its instagram grid, its community has embraced it. Stop in for eggs, coffee and the one and only exhibition of Daniel Arsham’s Linea Mini sculptures.

Panther Coffee, long a staple of Miami continues to service long cues of coffee seekers in Wynwood, Sunset Harbour and Coconut Grove. Locate one of these and you’re sure to discover a a compendium of culture served as a side.

Eternity Coffee Roasters is still pulling strong – pun intended – their Colombian sourced and single lot coffees. Fueled by a dream, visiting this space is worth the venture to SouthEast second for a different point of brew.

Visiting Miami means a ventanita, small windows that serve traditional cuban coffee would be a crime against the culture. Whether in Little Havana, Downtown Miami or at a window stop on the beach, to take part in the cafecito tradition is a must, preferably at 3:05. For a guide to over 100 Cuban windows consult Jacob Ketel’s Miami’s ‘Coffee Cuban Windows of Miami’