Art.Basel.Coffee 2015

The ABC’s.

We're all in this together.

We’re all in this together.

ONE Art.Tech.Vegan

Making a pop-up cameo at Sime MIA – a tech conference where ideas and art exchange, Panther Coffee came on to the Art Basel scene on the first and second of the month. Meanwhile artist Jenny Perez, Wynwooder has installed an art exhibition at the Wynwood location. The exhibition takes on an experiential vibe betginning Friday when she collaborates with Bunny Cakes, Cupcake maker who’ll feature her art work along with others for edible, vegan art. $6 a cupcake,

2. Coffee As Art Hopper

Florida state gets a first state of the art mobile café courtesy of Lavazza which will be rolling around the city offering complimentary cups of coffee. Beginning at The National Hotel, on Thursday (1-7) Friday Miami Downtown Business on Friday District –E Flagler Street – the Wynwood Walls Saturday and Shops at Midtown on Sunday, the state of mobile coffee is officially art hopping. For full locations and times visit here.

3. A ‘House Coffee’

Known for paving a way in house music, DJ, Black Coffee takes the stage at Verboten’s, making a cameo at the outdoor festival series popping up in Wynwood.

December 5, 1 p.m. $35-$40 | 540 NW. 23rd,

4. Ice Cream by The Sky

Inspired by the wonders of the sky, where most artists look upon, soft serve purveyor Spencer Finch and his solar powered truck make a park out of it at the Hyde Midtown Suites & Residences swirling edible monochromes for its first presence in Miami. From what we know, there’s no coffee flavors…yet, but have this before or after one and consider it an soft serve affogato.

Stay tuned we’ll update as we here.

5. Coffee, Chicken and Waffles

Should you be in the market for where things bake and brew on a Basel Sunday, then specialty coffee and waffles Mad Chiller  in partnership with KIND,  is readying the art of both at brunch at The Basel Flea in the Canvas Parking Lot. 2-6 p.m.

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