Art Basel Coffee. Ten Things To Art Your Heart Out at Art Basel Miami, 2016

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ONE | A cultural behemoth sitting on the waters that is a cultural bridge between Downtown Miami and South Beach, Perez Art Museum, PAMM once again brings a marriage of the old and new within its doors. Fresh off an announcement of a renewed $15 million gift from patron of the Arts Jorge Perez – its namesake. A visit here during this Art Basel is sure to deliver on its promise of allowing visitors to view contemporary art and in the future, more of Cuban artists as a focus on curating perspectives from Latin American and the Caribbean is also its aim. Now, that’s something to talk about. SEE: The newly opened David Reed: Vice and Reflection – An Old Painting, New Paintings and Animations. GET: Limited edition pins that are the joint effort of PAMM and Artsy and a nod to Ronay. 


TWO. MANA Contemporary returns to its Wynwood post from its New Jersey mainstay with a Basel focus on portraits, the kids and a special presentation by MLK. This culture likes milk.

There’s this year’s tenth anniversary with Pinta which focuses on art from Spain, Portugal and Latin America; the Cuban exhibition in honor of the 26,000 children of Chernobyl panning20 years, including documentation with photographs, clippings, testimonials and more; Scott Campbell installs his tattoo art from drawing on visitors. The catch, the tattoo is unknown by the recipient until its completed. Surprise!

Pulse, @tgntt, instagram

Pulse, @tgntt, instagram

THREE. Tent Poles | There’s just some tents you can’t miss. Must-see’s include SCOPE, Pulse and Design Miami. Respectively they provide outsider looks into the world of art, delver deeper into architecture and, minimalism and design while pushing not only the eye but the heart to open and eat art. Yes, eat it up!


@okudart, instagram

FOUR. Wall-to-Wall | While the constructed and oft-temporary walls of convention centers and beach tents will be a visual smorgasbord for the eyes, every art seeker ought to know the ephemeral creation of art in real time and in real life happens in cultural mass on the Wynwood Walls. You can start below the Rubin museum or center yourself at Panther Coffee Wynwood and idle up and down the neighborhood’s street. You should ooh and ahh, be baffled, get inspired, have conversations, snap, chat up artistas and by all means take a picture with a wall. Once in this district there’ plethora to make you stand still. Wallflowers unite.




FIVE. A good noise  | A confluence of art, hip-hop and live performance bring the noise and the basel to the Design District as, Silencio and Miami Art Design District “host a 3-screen installation and a live performance around the “Song for the Sun” art video by Caecilla Tripp,” says the cultural club aimed at bring experience to the people by a plethora of artistic devices. To that end for the 2016 Miami Installation rapper A$AP Rocky joins Tripp in a special performance for the evening. Then DJ’s will take the crowd into the night. No shhhh’s will be necessary.  December 2, 9 p.m. – 2 a.m.

SIX. Wild Fish | A Friday night ritual in many southern cultures is coming to Sunday at an Art Basel party near you. Artist Kehinde Wiley takes on a fish fry with a performance by Ms. Lauryn Hill at Tropicale The Miami Beach Edition .


While this is invite only, if you’re watching Wiley’s  Insta stories feed he’s taking you along on his Basel ride. Recently, he’s been, #onaboat,  #catchingfish… so just stay in the moment alright, there’s surely more that he’s cooking up by Sunday night, the evening of the fry. Tropicale at the Miami Beach Edition. 5 pm – 9p.m.

SEVEN. On Air | Public consumption of art is a fundamental thread for exhibitions during the yearly Miami edition of Art Basel. Housed everywhere from the traditional trade shows halls, to paint going from spray cans to wall. Designers Dao_yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne of Public School – are the first Designers in Residence at The Confidante. Taking the oceanfront on, Public School make a cameo with a pop-up radio show: WNL Radio. On the evening of December 2,3 the public can party at the pool and play along with PUBLIC radio while viewing the installation.

Too Cool for School? This culture thinks not.



via @ministryofkaapi, instagram

EIGHT.  Self-Service | A multi- state pop-up brand, Ministry of Kaapi joins the kinetic streets of Wynwood and the Wynwood Farmers Market. Creating sweet decoction – liquid espresso resulting from the brewing of coffee beans –  to pour on the spot and delivered as a self-invented bottled recipe to-go. The ministry of R-T-D is getting another moment in the sun to shine. TIME: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.



@alldaymiami, instagram

NINE. Non-stop | Miami has a newer reason to embrace coffee in the SouthEast. It has to do with eggs – lots of them.  Called ALL Day, its a concept involving a lot of eggs and a lot of neon bling coffee menu, the cafe co-owned and operated by acclaimed barista Camila Ramos is giving the sunshine a lot to smile about. Following its Instagram will help you stay up on instant updates about its cultural offerings throughout Basel, like their featuring artist Daniel Arsham. Have a scramble, maybe a side of blue grits, order a number and coffee-talk art. That’s coffee culture all day anyway, right?




TEN. Botanicals | Art alfresco in the humid setting of Miami is made ll the more fun as James Beard Award winning chef, Michelle Bernstein pops up with cafe sandwiches, salads and edible flowers aka coffee by Tampa Bay’s Kahwa Coffee  at Miami Beach Botanical Garden.  – Sat, Dec 4 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.