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Artist: Adrian Franks

Series: Illustrations, ‘Fearless’

Coffee Shop: The Civil Service Cafe

He describes himself as a “creative, artist, designer and human.” All four shine through in his work which carries themes of freedom, the art of life.

Framed monochromatically, his photo series is housed on the wall as a striking testament to the faces that make people more than just a silhouette, but a conscious being of existence.

Be poised.


Artist: Zachary Marvick

Series: Worlds (Paintings)

Coffee Shop: Stumptown (Division)

One’s world could be broken into seasons. Marvick acknowledges this fact in his thoughts about his works which is a visual journey of “positivity, transformation and community,” according to Stumptown’s blog.

His paintings include the planting and blooming of seasons intertwined with his “own personal challenges, awakenings and commitments” over three distinct brush methods: line, fill and a wash brush.

Get rooted.

San Francisco

Artist: Chase Roselli

Exhibition: Art

Coffee Shop: Reveille Coffee [Castro]

Kalediscope dreams.

The paintings of Roselli feels like your finding yourself in a mind maze, a welcome one at that, where having a daily something – tea, coffee – is the perfect ritual to trail off into space.

Monochromatic, yet full of color and shapes, Roselli manages to make an impression with patterns and lines that go on and on with personal meaning as its end.

Get lost.

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