art.: City to City, Three Art Shows to See Now: Long Beach, Brooklyn and Callowhill, Philadelphia. April 25, 2019

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Long Beach, CA

Artist: Multiple

Series: Photography

Coffee Shop: Wolf’s Brew Coffee and Art Gallery

Wes Anderson is known for being thematically occupied with color, narration and framing. With multiple film award nominations under his cinematic belt, he’s inspired many a creative including Long Beach coffee shop Wolf’s Brew and its upcoming art exhibition as thirteen artists take on the auteur.

Opening April 27th.

Motifs unite.

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Brooklyn, NY

Artist: Jair Bortoleto + Liz Magee

Series: Book Signing and Art Show

Coffee Shop: Head Hi

The high state of mind Brooklyn based coffee shop hosts the photographic dreaminess of Jair Bortoleto this Saturday for a photo exhibit and book release. The Brazilian based artist signs his book featuring surf, ocean and waves followed by “Cuban Wave Riders” a short documentary film by filmmaker and photographer Liz Magee. The pairing of the two mediums and artists is sure to be hinged at the right place of inspiration and education.

April 27th, 6 p.m.

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image, Ryan Greensberg


Callowhill, Philadelphia

Artist: Carla Weeks

Series:  Mural

Coffee Shop: Elixr Coffee

A coffee brand steeped in highlighting local and neighborhood artists goes meta with its upcoming mural exhibition. According to Instagram, in honor of the Calowhill neighborhood’s industrial past and evolving future,  artist and designer Carla Weeks’ piece aims to catalog the topography of the neighborhood during a pivotal time of change. Viewers can see an Anderson Wes green hue palette behind the coffee bar counter three structures inform the city’s industrial heritage: Willow Street Steam Plant (1927), Reading Viaduct (1893), and Esslinger’s Brewery (1935).

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