art.: City to City, Three Art Shows to See Now: Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Japan. May 17, 2018

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Los Angeles, CA

Artist: Chase Roselli

Series: Paintings

Coffee Shop: Civil Coffee

Look up! It’s a series called Interchangeable of framed paintings that accent the upper walls of the historic building that houses Civil Coffee.   A series of lines that mimic the movement of water plunge the viewer into the rise and fall of the painters imagination which is taken with natural landscapes and motion.

Applying acrylic to canvas, Roselli moves between natural changes, contrasting elements and movements whose effect comes from a cause: suns and sunsets, cool and warm, grass and sea.

“Roselli captures the cool contours of freeway labyrinths and the cluttered grids of tightly packed housing developments, which line the base of the looming San Gabriel mountains and stoic national forest.” Roselli

Take a front window seat, order at the bar, lounge on the couch at the back of the house and you’ll find that from any point of in-shop experience art is as much apart of this menu as the items on the menu. Order up.


Artist: Hyland Mather

Series: Mural

Coffee Shop: Elixir Coffee

When a wall gets as much thought as the room it serves, then its art and coffee commerce for the win.

Artist Hyland XO is about a mural at Elixr Coffee, where art finds its way through a collage of squares and meters, photos and found objects.  Spanning warm tones of black, brown, white and beige pieces the mural speaks through images and lost objects arranged to present an alternate way of seeing them.

For these”lost object installations nearly everything was sourced from discarded material, local to the install. ”  Hyland X-O

Off the wall.


Sendai, Japan

Artist: Various

Series:  Prints

Coffee Shop: The Welcome Store

All are welcome here. True to its name, entrance into this Japanese breakfast space with coffee welcomes all humans and art of all kind. This purveyor of goods such as books, ceramics, food and coffee doesn’t leave its wall bares. With a simplistic hanging, one can find colorful prints to images of New York scenes.  Its just enough in a space that seems to have a little bit of everything.