art: Coffee Aquatic, Courtney Zell

coffer aquatic


The 34th Coney Island Annual Mermaid parade held on he boardwalk and beyond took place yesterday, June 16, as the nations largest art event. A kaleidoscope of color and creative costuming trademarks the cultural festival bringing out those with fishtails in their hearts and a wonder for the adventures that only a sea could bring.

A couple of boroughs away, on walls a shade of coffee tan, suspends framed illustrative watercolors works, by Courtney Zell at Steeplechase in Windsor Terrace.
These works are an ode, her ode to a Coney Island while changed, still remains as a testament to its own city history.

The series ‘ How Sweet It Is’ is a collection based off a catchphrase coined by Jackie Gleason with a nod back to a time of yesteryear. Visit here for a coffee – I had the cortado or on Instagram the hashtag #mermaidparade to live the culture.B

Now coasting

Artist: Courtney Zell

Series: Watercolor

Coffee Shop: SteepleChase