City To City, Three Art Shows to See Now : N.Y., Darlinghurst, Indonesia

Palm trees, a wild mouth and a mural.

Lucas Geor

Lucas Geor

Little Italy, NY

Artist: Lucas Geor

Series: Paintings

Coffee ShopTwo Hands NYC

Could Little Italy, which borders on the historic grunge of the LES and the unpolished professional vibe of art be a better home for Geor’s paintings? This culture thinks not given the painter’s vibrant pastel palms with the use of “acrylic, oil sticks, posca and ink on cotton duck” like evidenced here. With current East Coast weather sailing between below negative temperatures and beyond normal highs the idea of palms in New York seems realistic. Graffiti with a side of coffee? Why yes!


instagram, @alexanderarco

Darlinghurst, Australia

Artist: Anthony Lister

Series: Mixed Media

Coffee Shop: Bloodhound Espresso

They call themselves a humble little shop. Humble is as humble does for these purveyors whose recent opens shows their value by giving local artists space on their darling walls. There’s one big painting that is as eye catching as eye catching should be, should you be walking by a laneway, scrolling an Instagram profile or looking to capture a moment from your time here. Created by Anthony Lister, a mixed media artist who is insane with his art supplies.

Series: Mural

Coffee Shop: Nolita Jakarta

The world in a mural. At least that’s how it looks in Indonesia at a new American restaurant where coffee is making a name for itself as a food of comfort. Upon heading into its front monochrome entrance, you’ll be bordered by two walls, one of which to your right stands ocean blue with the world within one painting. The art doesn’t stop their as Keith Haring-esque works line on of its interior walls leading up the stairway to the second floor, which also hosts framed photography. Art here is everywhere and it makes sense, art is coffee.