art.: City to City, Three Art Shows to See Now: Ecuador, NY, Paris.

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West Village, NY

Artist: Caludiah HV

Series: Photography

Coffee Shop: Sailor Coffee

A color driven exhibition of photography comes into main focus at the Guayaquil coffee shop where Caludiah showcases her treatment of the visual image through the strength of color. Her hue approach is a vibrant intimacy making the viewer feel like a welcomed voyeur: perpetual sky of tones bleeding forever into one another. Enter.

 New York

Artist: Juliette

Series: Illustration

Coffee Shop: Cafe Integral

Mine the squares. A permanent exhibition trailing the latter end of the bar installed American Two Shot are illustration. Light, pigment filled and comedic in tone, they exemplify the power of the small artistic touch. Free lines with regulated coloring allow patrons to sit at the white counter bar, muse at an espresso shot being pulled or at the hand-created art that reminds you, you are in a place where culture lives and intermingles. Au Lait!


Paris, France

Artist: Marie JaCotey

Series: Drawings – Kitsune Hotstream

Coffee Shop: Cafe Kitsune

Follow the Kitsune boule-vard. Exhibiting under the title of Hotstream, Jacotey’s drawings are surrealists still life’s evoking a dated period and time that transcends history and feels like its living in the now. Evoking states of leisure and respite, these lifestyle works are subliminal notes on coffee culture consciousness. Coffee and chill.