Art:. City to City, 3 Shows to See Now

Los Angeles

Artist: Mousa Kraish

Series: Portraits

Coffee Shop: IntelliSilver 

Oh, what a wonderful portrait world is the wall above the blue and white tile that is the ceramic footing of IntelliSilver. If there was a time to be a people watcher, surely its now, and, surely this is the place.


Artist: Rosie Cooper

Series: Another Island

Coffee Shop: Dept. of Coffee

Paintings with intentional haze and hue reminiscent of the kind of color mood artistically created by some VCSO CAM filters, are here in art mass to envelop and enclose – as art should.


Artist: Tomoko Yamashita

Exhibition:  Kimonos

Coffee Shop: Taylor Street Baristas (South Quay)

Texture and fabric seem to rise from images in this body of work. Experiencing these kimonos – hand painted and embroidered -in person is sure to make its visual reception one beyond the feeling of life jumping out at you, indeed, this is life in you.



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