GIVEAWAY: Art is Everywhere with SpringHill Suites

‘when dawn stretches and light makes morning/
when noon resides, where wavelengths ride, bright/
when dusk sets in and glow begins a rescinds/

therein lives, art in a glass.


Art is everywhere. Even, in what we drink. So, when asked to think about art and design by SpringHill Suites by Marriott, it was implausible to not create an ode to the barista craft of latte art and give the pour a cameo.

You see, the art in a coffee’s glass begins at a farm, and continues with many processes which finally usher it into a drinkable thing of beauty.

I visited my friend, Natalie Bedouin at her new shop Queens shop, The Mill to talk cortados and her approach to coffee and milk.

She mused,

“The espresso itself represents the conglomeration of a mixing bowl, the hyperbole of origin and mixing and the wherewithall in between. How do we soften when we allow ourselves to sit and dine with another over coffee?

The amicability found therein the allowance too– of biodiversity of thought. The concoction’s simple: a strict shot, two oz ‘spro topped w two oz milk, textured slightly thinner, light on temp. A short cap in a glass.”

I love how freely she expressed herself – that too is art. And, I love how, as she brought the glass to me she accidentally chipped it on the counter before placing it on the hemp apron that the baristas wear. I call that perfection in imperfection.

To that end, to raise awareness to the art and design of coffee culture, I’ve partnered with Spring Hill Suites by Marriott for a special campaign to allow you to show your ‘art in a glass’.

No matter what time of day or type of coffee shop beverage you may entertain – coffee, cocoa or tea with steamed milk –  art in a glass appears and makes the experience of whats in your glass that much more of an adventure.

Courtesy of SpringHill Suites by Marriott, I’ll be gifting one participating user, a $50 cash Visa gift card.

Here are the rules:

Take a picture of your ‘art in a glass’ and share it – as many photos as you’d like – to one or more of the following platforms

1. Instagram: take a picture of art in a glass and tag it with #artiseverywhere @thecoffeetographer @springhillsuites

2. Twitter: upload a photo to  @coffeetographer @springhillsuites of your art in a glass with the tag #artiseverywhere.

3. show and write about your ‘art in a glass’ moment and leave a comment on this post with a link to where I can find it.

4. Facebook: upload it to the Art is Everywhere Gallery. 

I’ll be playing along too. Contest closes Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Have fun, Share art!