art: ‘Lenworth, The Righteous Leftie’, Dallas, Texas

art, fresh kaufee

art, ’95th Degree Burn’ by fresh kaufee

let it burn

This piece is one of my favorites from the current Fresh Kaufee exhibit in Dallas, Texas. Known as Joonbug, this gent is a daily inspiration source. I’ve featured his ‘Good Mornings’ here before, so it was an honor to write about his first solo show, before he heads out to finish grad school in San Francisco.

When we spoke he shared with me a little about his journey into specialty coffee.

Joonbug: Because I was on the road a lot, I drank gas station coffee or stuff at the office. It was sh&t, excuse my language. But because of the brand I started discovering more, reading books and I fell in love with the whole coffee culture.

I had a French Press for a while.  I’ve used Chemex as well. I use an Aeropress now. I went from grabbing beans from Walmart to only buying local or micro-roasted coffee beans. Now, there’s a few coffee shops in my area, and I’ll test them out and the ones up north,  until the bag is finish. I like trying new coffees and seeing how different roasters roast their coffee.   My favorite is Commonwealth Coffee in Denver – they used to have a cart here in Dallas, all pressurized, they’re the best.

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