Art for The Art of Instagram: Bieber, Rihanna + Lamar on the Grid

the art is in the music

collage, lamar, rihanna, bieber

collage, lamar, rihanna, bieber

In the last week, art as music and music with art came into the musical consciousness as three of the genre’s prolific beings shared news of their future musical happenings with themselves embedded in the art. It is true that music is often heard alone, at least in the world of culture. We find it often in the space of the coffee shop, at music festivals – in and out of doors – and at venues where life and style come together as the portmanteau that it is – a word that’s given birth to all kinds of coffee &’s… in the culture’s zeitgeist.
For now, were’s a look at Justin Bieber, Rhianna and Kendrick Lamar’s artful announcements.
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, instagram

Justin Bieber, purpose, @instagram

Oct 9:  “purpose, five weeks, retna, art”

Posted as a 3 x 3 grid in black, white and sepia like tones. Merging letters, hieroglyphics and calligraphy the art brings complexity to Justin Bieber’s continual evolution as an artist, one with purpose – the name of his upcoming LP.  Art by Los Angeles’ @ironeyeretna

2. Rihanna

Rihanna, @instagram

Rihanna, @instagram

Oct 8: “anti cover art roynachum”

Rihanna posted a three series image, front art, back cover art and a truncated rectangle view of the album art recessed to the left. All images red, black and white distortion with an out of focus black balloon and 3-Dish gold crown  announce a new album ’Anti’ coming soon. Art painted by Roy Nachum, see some of the process here.

3. Kendrick Lamar


Kunta's Groove Session, Instagram

Kunta’s Groove Session, Instagram

Oct 6: “8 cities, 8 nights, 8 intimate shows”

Kendrick Lamar makes his third post to the platform of which he’s been on for 55 weeks.  It arrives like the previous = intellectually provocative, musically centered and announcing a musical intention of Lamar. Using a brighter than gourmet shade of mustard and a pop pink and rhubarb font, Lamar announces he’s creating a new experience  – the first annual Kunta’s Groove Sessions. What are they? A show of music, dance, performance and more as the vertical definition flushed right defines.  One thing is for sure ‘I’ will be grooving.

The question now is, what kind of coffee will we have when these all go down? Miguel, any suggestions.

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