art.: Moroccan Tea Pot

a pot of gold


Moroccan tea pot, blind contour drawing

A invitation to tea and to tea – as in the verb – is as customary as the sight of a djebella in Morocco. Like the garment, this cultural tradition carries deep meaning where a veranda of thoughts shared, personal and introspective make the act nearly a spiritual one. Inviting one to tea, local or visitor is a welcome, “Big Welcome” as the Moroccans say to become still, sip multiple short glasses of  steeped green tea, followed with mint and accented with cubes of sugar.

Once poured from the height of an elevated arm, copious thoughts of the day, spanning interests of  history, current affairs, family and tradition ensue.  This pause happens  as many as five times a day by Moroccans and is as much an activity of respite as it is a window into one of the most valued commodities among humans  : time.

May the high pouring begin.