art:. City to City:. Three Art Shows to See Now

Los Angeles, California

Artist: Group Show

Series: Painting + Prints

Coffee ShopStumptown x The Ace Hotel 

The purveyor of  friendly rooms and Stumptown coffee features ‘Contemporary Psychedlic Art’, a group art show inspired by Paul Thomas’ Inherent Vice movie.  Full of patterns and prints and art from work created in real-time at the space, the show is free and open to the public.  Stay tuned for the London expression at the Ace Hotel there January 19.

Take the trip.

Atlanta, Georgia

Artist: Jason Thomas

Series: Cut outs, Magnets

Coffee Shop: Hodgepodge CoffeeHouse and Gallery

Artist and webcomic Jason Thomas, known as Red Rocket Farm has taken over the building with a gallery of colorful characters taken from his own books. Experience cut outs, magnets and a ton of whimsy.

Bring your inner child.

Santa Barbara, CA

Artist: Peter Malinoswki

Exhibition: Photography

Coffee Shop: Handlebar Coffee

Series:  Americana

Documenting a “vanishing landscape” Malinowski travels the highways of the SouthWest capturing “abandoned structures, classic signs and tranquil spaces.” His view of the humanity in the almost forgotten signage of America is inviting.

Welcome yourself.

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