art.: The Art of Expression with Etsy’s Coffee Mug and Nightstand Campaign

who’s different?



Its classic jingle meets contemporary design in Etsy’s new campaign “Difference Makes Us.” This first ever video ad by the company leans in on the power of ‘la la la’s’ and the visual flat lay atop a nighttime dresser, where coffee and tea make a cameo.

The slogan “Difference Makes Us” makes the coffee mug and one of its placeholders, the nightstand the main visual subjects by which its ads – stills and GIFs appear.

Etsy, defined as a peer-to-peer marketplace for individuals making and reselling vintage and handcrafts started in Brooklyn, New York in June of 2005. One can literally fine anything and everything on the commerce site. In fact a search for coffee mugs at the time of the writing of this story post yielded two top categories – coffee mug handmade and coffee mug vintage. The listings are innumerable. This underscores thought on the campaign shared by its creative agency Office of Baby and Etsy COO Paul Caiozzo in AdWeek.

“Office of Baby’s creative team selected the two items because of their universality (everybody owns a coffee mug and a nightstand) as well as their sheer variety (everybody owns a different coffee cup and nightstand). As CCO Paul Caiozzo explained, these items stand for individuality—and it doesn’t hurt that so many varieties of them also happen to be for sale on Etsy.” AdWeek


Etsy’s Coffee Mug Search

Etsy shoppers are encouraged to screenshot and send image of the coffee mug they buy from the site, which can potentially become part of the campaign as all images are culled from actual coffee cup sold on the site. This culture impressed, individuality has always defined it.