When the Barista Speaks. Day 1, Austin Coffee Champs

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Day one of the second weekend of United States Qualifying Coffee Champs competition was held in Austin, Texas. On this day, nearly thirty baristas competed with many making sodas, using locally sourced ingredients and discussing the recurring theme of reaching the new customer and being transparent in communicating why coffee is loved so much, is fragile and needs protection environmentally. Here’s some quotes that resounded with the culture.

“Joy is not complete until it is shared.” D.C. Choi, Eiland Coffee Roasters

“Curiosity begins with a barista who understands the coffee.” The Joel Paul, Arrow Coffee Co

“There’s nothing crazy special about wet processed coffees. Its ultimate version of a Burundian coffee.” @greenwaycoffee, @greenwaybarista

“As a barista its my responsibility to preserve the quality of this coffee.” @stacydbkim of Fulcrum Coffee 

“As baristas we invest a lot of time to do coffee justice to the investment before us.” Kathie @SpyhouseCoffee 

“Nothing worthwhile is created without love.” @ditriech,  The Potters House

“Organic farming helps for more nutrient dense soil, eco-sustenance cuts back on water pollution.”  Milo, @bardcoffee

“I’m hear to share a few stories.” Joyce @RothrockCoffee

“Its my job as a barista to reflect the hard work in every cup of coffee that I serve.” Mason @OzoCoffee

“I believe in a future where producers don’t have to choose between specialty coffee + a sustainable crop.” Umeko @suddencoffee

“After serving something familiar, the door has been opened with trust. So now, espresso. And to tell the story.” @RandoJ77 @YellowHouseCoff

“To learn more about a coffee you have to learn about its origins.” @LittlestBarista@InversionMtrose #coffeechamps

“Specialty coffee moved us away from the gray scale to a world of vivid color.” @NaidaTweets @vervecoffee

“What is a competition coffee. A question Benjamin at @Cultivarcoffee asked himself and asks us all. #coffeechamp

“That definition of a barista champ, happens while they operate as such every time behind a bar @coffeestain3000 

“We like coffee that taste like coffee.” Kiley @SlateCoffee 

“Coffee takes a lot of risk – the challenge is real.” Jon French, CoffeeBar