When the Barista Speaks. Day 2, Austin, Coffee Champs

e.t.a.: the future



Day two of the second weekend of United States Qualifying Coffee Champs competition was held in Austin, Texas. On this Sunday, another nearly thirty baristas competed – first timers, former national champions and veterans of the industry, some working nearly half their lives in coffee.

They invited us; washed hands, called a Migas, told about an Arnold ‘Causse’, brought their entire families, told us why coffee was about from the inside out and waxed hybrids and a sustainable future from origin to here: hospitable coffee.

Here’s some quotes that resounded with the culture.

I wanted this drink to sing. Charging w nitro -juicy to creamy body. Serving to ‘Don’t Wait’ Bonobo. @becksreeves @baristapdx

“I wanted this drink to sing.” @becksreeves @baristapdx

“Fermentation reminds us to enjoy the moment before us.” “Hugo Cano, Folclor

“I have some power that I get to craft an experience with you.” @ashcommonname @TheCROCafe

“We didn’t have a lot of big investors. So why did we do it? We were inspired.” Becky @WhenGeeksFly

“I believe its my job to get excited about coffee.” Adam @JoeBeanRoasters

“Investment in terroir is what makes coffee special.” @devchap @coffeemnfctry

“We take what they already love and tweak it just a little bit to make it that much more enjoyable.” @FrancisRae @epochcoffee

“High coffee scores results into higher premiums for his coffee.”  Rebecca of @ColectivoCoffee

“We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.” Joshua Trinity Street Coffee Bar

“The farmer is the creator. And, I’m the curator.” @s_schro @OlympiaCoffee

“Imagine a moment in your coffee journey what you had was something more.” @ThePaulBunyan @westoakCoffee

“It has never been about you, or me; its always about us.” Andrew @ultimocoffee

“We can harness the influence we can use in the industry to positively impact the world.” @meeshal @prestacoffee

“I have something to share with you and it might change the way you taste coffee, forever.” Josh @NovoCoffee

“We are purveyors of potential.”  Tyler, @thuhTYLER

“Adaptation is the key to the future of coffee industry.” Chelsea Rae, The Roost,

“Ask yourself, “Where does a great coffee take you?’ @lorenzoperkins @fleetcoffeeco

“You’re tasting my interpretation, what I love about it, how I want to drink it.” Preston @OzoCoffee

“For most farmers coffee is their only cash crop… it’s socially irresponsible not to buy from [Burundi].” @DavidFasman @HuckleberryCO

“In the beginning coffee has a narrative.” Talya @equatorcoffees