In the coastal land of Seattle, a sea of coffee beverages are in competition. Not with one another, but for their intrinsic beauty as grown, picked, roasted and brewed cherries. Which one of them stands out among the rest is a feat of storytelling by its steward, the barista.

Ideas of sound, sense and balance all played a role in this 2014 season’s theme. Below are some of the quotes that gave room for pause.

“We are more than consumers, we help set the standards for what coffee is worth.” @hadassahedith @squareonecoffee

“What makes coffee truly amazing is balance.” @thewaxaddict @StoneCreekCoffe

“Sometimes my favorite coffee experiences are free from expectation and influence.” @MissEdenMarie @Intelligentsia

“I have a constant craving for discovering coffee in new ways, playing with it we see it in new angles.” @milamos @panthercoffee

“Espresso extraction turns up the volume on flavors.”  @milamos @panthercoffee #USBC@014 

“Texture is tied to our senses influencing and evoking emotion.” @snackpackbrady @BlueprintCoffee

“Collaboration takes ‘I” and turns it into ‘WE.” @lay_luh @cherrystreet

Every coffee produces its own chord.”  @DavidFasman @Kaldis_Coffee

“I like being surprised by coffee.” Tyler @Trovenstine @oddlycorrect

“Specialty coffee is amazing because there’s a promise that we’re going to take care of it.” @charlesbabinski @GandBcoffee 

“There’s flavors hiding within other flavors.” @agentpilgrim @madcapcoffee

“I want to think about things I know and make them better.”  @jparkbrannen @counter_culture 

“Quality coffee takes time.” Brenna @Intelligentsia

“Timing is how I connect with coffee.” Brenna @Intelligentsia



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